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A Look at Colon Cancer Screenings

March 11, 2016 R

March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month; have you scheduled your colon cancer screening? Medical malpractice sometimes results from a doctor’s failure to properly administer or interpret a test, including a screening for cancer. Colon cancer screenings are essential for diagnosing the disease before it progresses—and is more receptive to treatment.

A medical malpractice lawyer often handles cases from patients whose cancer tests were not read correctly, resulting in a misdiagnosis. Of course, just like medication errors, misdiagnosed cancer constitutes medical negligence. When performed properly, colon cancer screenings look at the structure of the colon itself to test for any abnormal areas. The cancer screening is either performed with a scope inserted into the rectum or with special imaging tests. Screening is so important because polyps that are discovered before they become cancerous are relatively easy to remove. Removing the polyps may prevent colorectal cancer from developing later on.

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