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A Woman’s Guide to Her Gynecological Health [INFOGRAPHIC]

November 20, 2014 R

Looking after your health is important for living a long and happy life, which is why it’s essential to take good care of yourself no matter how old you are. Women have unique medical needs, and should not ignore their gynecological health even if everything seems to be normal. Your doctor should give you a Pap test on a routine basis to check for signs of cervical cancer and any other abnormalities. A gynecologist can also screen you for ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, and breast cancer, which all have the potential to be fatal. If you have sustained medical injuries or you suspect medical malpractice in relation to your gynecological health, you need a Long Island medical malpractice attorney to represent your rights. Explore this infographic to learn more about gynecological health, and to learn the truth about common myths surrounding women’s health. Please share with your friends and family.