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How to Be Proactive with Your Health

May 8, 2020 admin

We all yearn to be healthy and happy, and yet for many of us, we don’t know how to achieve this. Far too many of us blindly hand over the keys to our health and well-being to our doctors. However, much of being happy and healthy is about being a proactive patient and taking the necessary steps to prevent illnesses. The COVID-19 pandemic may have changed some of how we go about being proactive about our health, but it hasn’t made it completely impossible. There are many ways to take care of yourself and loved ones while still being safe. As a patient advocate for nearly 50 years, Pegalis Law Group, LLC is here to provide helpful tips on how to be proactive with your health this year, no matter your age.

Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes: Eating & Exercising Right

The first step to achieving health and happiness is by implementing healthy lifestyle changes. It’s critical to keep up with a regular exercise routine and eating right. Just because gyms closed during the pandemic doesn’t give you an excuse to lie around on your couch and do nothing. Whether it’s taking a stroll around your neighborhood or working in your garden, there’s more than one way to get exercise. Yoga, meditation, and stretching are all excellent ways to increase your physical activity and alleviate stress without leaving your house. Adding more fruits and vegetables into your diet and drinking more water can help you trim excess pounds while also boosting your immune system to help you fight off colds and flus. Talk to your doctor about more ways you can become more active that are appropriate for your age and if you have any underlying medical issues.

Visit Your Healthcare Providers for Preventative Screenings

Most medical and dental insurance plans include coverage for preventative services, including health screenings and annual exams. You should keep up with preventative care to detect health issues early enough to make a difference in your treatment and prognosis. While many of your appointments were likely canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you should try to keep up as best as you can through virtual appointments with your healthcare providers. Be sure to schedule in-person follow-ups once they reopen their practices. Remember to keep up with your health by the numbers. Knowing your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, average blood sugars, and more will guide you down a healthy path of self-awareness. It’s also vital to find healthcare providers you can trust and who are dedicated to maintaining open lines of communication with you – your life depends on it.

Don’t Underestimate the Importance of Your Mental Health

Life under quarantine and social distancing guidelines have made many people more aware of the state of their mental health than ever before. Many children and teens may be feeling isolated from their friends or feeling depressed about missing extracurricular activities, prom, or graduation. Likewise, many seniors are struggling with not being able to visit with their loved ones in-person. It’s vital to check in with friends and family to see how they’re feeling and responding to current events. It’s also vital to check in with yourself and validate your own thoughts and emotions during these unprecedented times.

Safer Medical Practices for All Start with Proactive Patients

Pegalis Law Group, LLC is a New York-based law firm dedicated to educating clients and the public-at-large about the importance of being proactive about healthcare. Focused on helping those who have suffered from personal injury or medical negligence for nearly 50 years, we’re committed to ensuring safer medical practices and improved patient care for all. Please visit our website and follow us on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to receive additional tips and updates on how you can continue to be proactive about your health.