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February 2019

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Medication Error: Results for our Clients

Results for Our Clients: Medication Error

We successfully resolved two cases recently.
The first was for the family of a deceased man. He died in the emergency room after doctors failed to properly diagnose him and administer lifesaving medications. Our other recent success for our client was a settlement for parents who experienced a stillbirth. The medical team failed to properly communicate with each other and timely deliver their baby, leading to the baby’s death.
Jim Baydar Radio Interview

In The News

Our Partner, Jim Baydar, was recently interviewed for a half-hour radio segment about how we all can protect ourselves against avoidable medical negligence! You can listen to the segment on HTOA, ITunes, Spotify, and right here.
Being proactive can save your life

Being Proactive Can Save Your Life

Tragically, the 3rd leading cause of death today, after heart disease and cancer, is preventable medical errors. There are active measures you can take to help avoid medical errors and support your healthcare team. Read here.
Mothers to be nutrition
When expecting a baby, don’t let the phrase “everything is fine” allow you to get up and leave your doctor’s office. Even if you feel rushed at prenatal checkups, remember to be proactive and bring up important topics during each visit. For example, you and your doctors should discuss important nutrition precautions to ensure that you stay healthy throughout your pregnancy. Read on.

Always Here for You

For 47 years, our Firm has cherished our relationships with clients and colleagues. At some point, it is likely that you, a family member, or a client will have concerns about medical treatment or medical care received. Since law limitations make timing of the essence, don’t hesitate in calling us for a no-fee consultation directly with our attorneys in English, Spanish, or Russian. Call us at 516-684-2900, or email us here.