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Stillbirth and Maternal Death


You have a right to know if it's wrongful death.If you are a loved one of a baby or a mother who experienced an injury, stillbirth, maternal death, or other tragic outcome while or around giving birth , you have the right to know what actually went wrong. Unfortunately, most patients are not told the whole story.

Birth injuries may be caused by the negligence of physicians, obstetrical nurses, or other medical providers or hospital staff.

If you suspect the birthing process caused a medical problem, you have the right to know what went wrong.

Stillbirth Awareness RibbonTragically, many people believe or are told that “fate” played a role, or that “nothing could have been done” when the outcome is poor, but we know the truth. Many developmental problems discovered in children ages birth to ten years old can be the result of a mistake at or around the time of birth.

If you are faced with life-altering changes, medical costs and concerns, you deserve to know the truth and to obtain financial security for the costs you are facing because of medical errors.


$114 million dollar jury verdict for a young mother who suffered extensive brain damage due to improper intubation

$10 million dollar settlement for failure to monitor a birthing mother’s anesthesia resulting in her permanent brain damage.

$4.9 million dollar settlement for the family of a woman who died at a Manhattan hospital as a result of the failure to treat her high blood pressure at the time of her baby’s delivery.

$5.175 million dollar settlement for the wrongful death of a first-time mom in Nassau County, NY, whose doctors failed to diagnose a blood clot in her lungs, shortly after she was discharged from the hospital.

$800,000 settlement for damages, which included the mother’s emotional distress, for the stillbirth of twins while she was being monitored as an inpatient at a hospital

$585,000 settlement for damages, which included the emotional distress suffered by  the  mother as a result of the stillbirth of her baby during induction of labor