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All parents want the best prenatal medical care possible. The grieving parents of a stillborn baby deserve to learn the truth—the actual facts- about the stillbirth of their baby, through our no-fee legal consultation.

Sadly, 25% of stillbirths in the US are medically preventable. This includes the stillbirth diagnosis placental insufficiency. Most, but not all pregnancies end successfully. Unfortunately, of the 24,000 stillbirths in the US each year; studies indicate a quarter of them were preventable.**

While some stillbirths are preventable, parents are not told what negligent prenatal medical care may have contributed to the stillbirth. They are left to grieve, and often blame themselves, as well as experience anxiety about a next pregnancy. As grieving parents, you can be proactive to learn the truth. As parents to-be, you can be proactive to help reduce your risks during pregnancy through some of these ways:

    • Monitor the baby’s movement and if there are any changes, immediately go to the E.R and notify your doctor. This includes frequency, strength, and pattern of your unborn baby’s movements.
    • Do not compare symptoms and signs of past pregnancies , since every pregnancy is different.
    • Sleep on your side during the 3rd trimester. Sleeping on your back can pose a higher risk of stillbirth. Be sure to get enough sleep each day as lack of sleep can contribute to high blood pressure and other health concerns.
    • Trust your intuition and act immediately. Women often know when something is wrong with their body, or their baby, so do not hesitate to bring every concern to your doctor
  • Know your risk factors and be diligent about taking notes and following your doctor’s prenatal care recommendations.

Sources: 2018, Univ. of Utah Health Sciences Ctr, American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Feb. 2018

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