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When Are Hospital Staff Supposed to Wash Their Hands?

June 2, 2016 R

Hospital-acquired infections are a common cause of compromised health, hospital re-admittance, and even death. These complications may sometimes be said to constitute medical malpractice and may lead to a wrongful death lawsuit. Yet, the most basic of hygiene activities can significantly curb the spread of infections in healthcare facilities. By simply washing their hands at the necessary times, healthcare providers and hospital technicians can help protect their patients.

Handwashing and antiseptic use is necessary when hospital staff is in high-risk areas or handling high-risk patients. High-risk areas include burn units, trauma care centers, and oncology units. Healthcare providers are expected to thoroughly cleanse the hands before and after touching wounds, before initiating invasive procedures, after caring for an infectious patient, and after touching any object that may be contaminated.

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