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Womens Heart Health

Women’s Heart Health

Did you know that heart disease is the number one killer of women? In women, heart disease can present differently than it does in men. As an example, consider how women experience heart attacks. Read on
Prevention of medical mistakes at home and in hospital

Preventing Medication Mistakes at Home and in the Hospital

Mistakes happen! Read on here for steps you can take to reduce the risk of medication errors, at home or when in a medical facility.
the importance of hand washing

How Important is Hand Washing?

Regular hand washing year-round is critical for preventing the spread of germs, and especially in a medical setting. Failure to perform routine hand washing can expose patients to hazardous germs and viruses and place their health in extreme danger. Read more here.

Our Team

Our team
If you have concerns about medical care or a diagnosis, call us for a no-fee legal consult at 516. 684. 2900. Or click the green button to email us. Timing is important. Thank you.
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