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March 2019

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Justice for our Clients
We recently secured a $3.3 million dollar settlement for a child, whose mother died during her birth in 2015. The case was for medical negligence and wrongful death, as a result of the improper administration of anesthesia and failure to properly monitor the 24 year-old mother. The child also had claims for the loss of her mother.
Heart Disease in Woman Facts

Facts About Heart Disease in Women

Although one in four women dies of heart disease, it is still often considered a “man’s disease.” Do the women in your life know the real symptoms and risk factors? Read on here.
Colorectal Cancer Awareness

Colon Cancer Screening At Age 45

The gold standard of diagnosis is the colonoscopy. Unfortunately, physicians sometimes neglect to consider cancer as a possibility; especially in patients under 50. The American Cancer society now recommends screening at age 45 or younger if there are symptoms, risks, or a family history of cancer. Learn the signs and risks here.
Jim Baydar Radio Interview
Jim Baydar’s radio interview provides an important dialogue on health care today, and the need for being proactive as a patient. With medical errors being the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S. today, you owe it to yourself to listen to the segment right here.
2019 Best Law Firms2019 Lawyer of the Year: Steven E. Pegalis

Always Here for You

For 47 years, our Firm has cherished our relationships with clients and colleagues. At some point, it is likely that you, a family member, or a client will have concerns about medical treatment or medical care received. Since law limitations make timing of the essence, don’t hesitate in calling us for a no-fee consultation directly with our attorneys in English, Spanish, or Russian. Call us at 516-684-2900, or email us here.

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