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Five New Year’s Health Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

January 19, 2021 Pegalis Law Group

As we put 2020 behind us and look ahead to a bright, shiny new year, many people are making plans for a fresh start. Traditionally, the most popular New Year’s resolutions include setting goals for better financial, mental, and physical health. However, many have trouble keeping their resolve. People often have difficulty sticking to new diets and exercise regimens.  Keep reading for five New Year’s health resolutions you can actually keep. It’s time for a new year and a fabulous new you!

Kicking Those Bad Habits to the Curb … For Good

From smoking to procrastinating, overindulging with sugary snacks or alcohol, and feeling stressed out all the time, there are likely many bad habits you should kick to the curb once and for all this year. Don’t try to make drastic changes by yourself. Reach out to others for support. Share your concerns with a trusted friend or family member or find a group of like-minded individuals to help you reach your goals. The Internet or your healthcare provider may be able to point you in the right direction to get started.

Making Lifestyle Changes Instead of Fad Dieting

If you think of eating healthier as a long-term lifestyle change and not as a temporary diet, you’re more likely to stick with it. One of the easiest ways to eat better is to incorporate more whole foods into your diet. Whole foods represent everything from fruits and vegetables to nuts, seeds, whole grains, and fish. Try a new whole food every week. You may be surprised to discover more favorites. Part of making smarter food choices is cutting back on sugary snacks and beverages. Going cold turkey isn’t in your best interest, as you may begin to feel irritable or deprived. You’ll likely see more success in your quest if you take it one day at a time and make gradual changes. Cooking more meals at home instead of eating out at drive-thrus and restaurants can also help you get back on track.

Keeping Active by Finding Activities That You Love

You don’t have to join an expensive gym to get physically fit this year. You can enjoy many activities for free or at a lower cost than the price of a gym membership, including yoga, walking, biking, hiking, and swimming. Don’t be afraid to explore the great outdoors. Find something you love doing and add it to your weekly routine. Don’t set lofty goals. Try to find time for your new activity at least once per week. Over time, you can aim for a few times per week and then eventually daily if you feel inclined. Before long, you should notice extra pounds shedding off and a new outlook on life, thanks to your renewed enthusiasm and energy. Being outside could also help you relieve stress and tension.

Enjoying “Me Time” and the Importance of Self-Care

We all have busy schedules and lives, but self-care is essential to your health. “Me time” isn’t selfish. It’s practical and helpful if you want to refocus your energies and “better yourself” this year. Whether you indulge in a bubble bath and enjoy a glass of wine or taking cooking classes, practicing mindful meditation, or committing yourself to getting more sleep, it will be worth it in the long run.

Being Committed to Your Doctor and Dentist Appointments

Doctor’s appointments should not be skipped. Getting regular exams and lab work can help you identify health issues while they’re still in their early stages. Being proactive about your health begins by being a proactive patient and taking some initiative with your healthcare. Be sure to get your annual exam this year and discuss any mental or physical health concerns with your doctor. It’s also important to keep up with your oral health. Don’t forget to brush and floss daily and visit your dentist twice a year!

Keeping You Proactive About Your Health for Nearly 50 Years

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