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Focusing on Men’s Health Month

June 10, 2021 Pegalis Law Group

Focusing on Men’s Health Month: Empowering You This Year

June is Men’s Health Month, and it’s never too early or too late to prioritize your health. As advocates for healthy, proactive patients of all ages, Pegalis Law Group, LLC is shining a spotlight on ways men can feel empowered about making healthy lifestyle choices this year and beyond.

Getting Active: Try Running, Biking, Hiking, or Weightlifting

Did you gain weight during the pandemic by social distancing while being a couch potato? You’re not alone. Now that more people are getting vaccinated and looking for more ways to get out of the house, it’s a great time to focus on being active and maintaining a healthy weight. Try walking, running, or biking around your neighborhood to get started. Invest in a state park pass and take your family hiking and picnicking in some new spots this summer. You could also consider joining a gym or your local YMCA where you can swim, play racquetball, take a yoga class, or lift weights to build up your arm and leg muscles. Whether you prefer working out alone or with friends, now is the time to get moving and look for new activities and exercises to keep you motivated and on the right track.

Eating Healthier: Try Growing Your Own Fruits & Vegetables

With the warmer weather here to stay, you should have easier access to fresh fruits and vegetables at your local supermarket or farmers’ market. You could also take it a step further and try your hand at growing your own in your backyard. Gardening is a workout but also a great way to get outside beyond just mowing the grass or pulling weeds. Green, leafy vegetables like spinach and orange vegetables like carrots are especially beneficial for men’s health. Other foods you may want to incorporate into your diet include avocados, apples, peppers, berries, cherries, bananas, milk, yogurt, eggs, shellfish, lean red meats, pistachios, whole grains, and foods that are high in fiber. You should also ditch unhealthy habits like smoking. Try drinking a daily cup of coffee instead. Make your health an ongoing commitment.

Check on Your Mental Health: Pamper Yourself With “Me” Time

When was the last time you did a mental health check? Many of us have felt overwhelmed or anxious since the pandemic began and changed our usual way of life. While you may feel the instinct to protect your family and put their needs first and foremost, you should remember to take time for yourself as well. Everyone could benefit from regular “me” time in which you de-stress and do activities you enjoy. Explore new ways to pamper yourself this year, whether it be the occasional round of golf, getting a weekly massage, or taking more naps throughout the week or sleeping in on the weekend.

Get Preventative Checkups for Prostate and Testicular Cancer

Preventative checkups and annual health screenings are essential at any age. Be sure to visit your trusted healthcare providers for yearly physicals, eye exams, dental exams, and immunizations recommended for your age group. Be sure to get your blood pressure and cholesterol levels checked regularly, as well as health screenings for diabetes, sexually transmitted diseases, depression, and colon, prostate, and testicular cancer as suggested by your doctor.

Devoted to Creating Proactive Patients & Safer Healthcare

Pegalis Law Group, LLC is a New York-based law firm focused on personal injury and medical malpractice for nearly 50 years. We also devote ourselves to raising public awareness about being proactive patients to encourage safer healthcare practices for all. Please visit our website and be sure to follow us on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn to receive additional insights about being proactive patients.