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How to Keep the Winter Blues Away

January 8, 2022 Lindsay Paramore

How to Keep the Winter Blues Away

Now that the holidays are over and winter’s chill has set in, do you find yourself feeling moody, listless, or sluggish nearly every day? Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) could be to blame. Doctors have diagnosed this depression among people who live in climates that see colder temperatures and less sunlight during the fall and winter months. Below, Pegalis Law Group, LLC offers tips for keeping those winter blues away as you look forward to everything the new year has in store for you.

Join a Gym to Keep Active During the Winter Months

It’s not uncommon for people to gain weight during the winter months due to increased carbohydrate cravings and decreased physical activity. Weight gain often leads to further feelings of depression, guilt, and hopelessness. Don’t fall victim to this vicious cycle. Consider joining a gym to keep active this winter. Exercising – particularly aerobic workouts – releases endorphins to boost your mood naturally. Combine exercise with a healthier winter diet for even more benefits to your physical and mental health. The next time you reach for junk food to make yourself feel better, instead consider a bowl of vegetable soup.

Start a New Hobby for the New Year

Many people with seasonal affective disorder lose interest in the activities they once enjoyed. If this has happened to you, consider beginning a new hobby for the new year. You might discover a passion for cooking, knitting, painting, candle-making, or yoga you didn’t know you possessed. Consider signing up for a MasterClass online. Learning can be a natural mood booster among people of all ages.

Make a New Music Playlist to Brighten Your Mood

Scientific studies suggest music can boost your brain’s production of dopamine, a hormone that can help you combat feelings of depression or anxiety. When you feel the winter blues coming, consider creating a new music playlist on your smartphone or tablet to brighten your mood. Music often triggers happier memories, increases your workout endurance, eases pain, and helps you eat less. Win-win!

Call or Video Chat With Family and Friends More Often

As COVID variants continue to spread this cold and flu season, many of us find ourselves feeling isolated inside our homes. Consider calling or video chatting with your friends and family more often this winter to feel connected without putting yourself and others at risk. It feels more personal than an email or social media messaging. According to researchers, staying connected can cut your feelings of depression nearly in half. Make time for communicating with others to bridge the miles between you.

Find More Reasons to Laugh and Live Your Best Life

Don’t let seasonal affective disorder steal your sunshine and ability to live your best life. Look for more reasons to laugh and enjoy yourself this winter, whether it’s playing with your pets, going out to dinner once a week, or finding new books to read or new TV programs to watch. You don’t have to wait until spring to get out of bed and start appreciating everything around you!

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