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Safe, Healthy Ways to Celebrate World Health Day

April 5, 2021 Pegalis Law Group

The World Health Organization’s World Health Day is April 7. This year’s theme is “Building a Fairer, Healthier World,” promoting better access to healthcare for all. What a year it’s been since the COVID-19 pandemic first began affecting families worldwide. Below, Pegalis Law Group, LLC presents ideas for making the most of World Health Day without jeopardizing your family’s health or safety this year. Don’t forget to say thanks to your local healthcare workers who work tirelessly on your behalf year-round, as they’re also a vital part of World Health Day celebrations.

Enjoy Nature: Grab the Family for a Fun-Filled Hike & Picnic

Exercise is essential to keeping healthy. Many of us have been quarantining and schooling or working from home due to the coronavirus during the past year. While we should all continue to social distance and avoid large gatherings per the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidelines, walking around the neighborhood or going for a hike at your local state park are two great ways to get moving again. Walking gets your blood flowing and your heart rate up, boosting your mood and energy levels. It’s time to dust off those hiking boots, grab your picnic basket, and pack a healthy lunch for a fun-filled day spent enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen and bug spray!

Enjoy Healthy Foods: Cook up Some Fun with Your Family

Just as your car needs fuel to keep it going, your body requires nutritious foods to keep you running in tip-top shape. Cooking can be a therapeutic way of dealing with stress and fun for the whole family. Get ideas for healthy meals you can prepare together by visiting You can also browse the Internet for heart-healthy recipes from other countries and cultures to make it truly feel like a World Health Day. Or, if your family craves a creative challenge, come up with a concoction of your own.

Enjoy Peace of Mind: Teach Your Family Mindful Meditation

We often take our mental health for granted, putting it on the back burner to our physical well-being. World Health Day isn’t just about promoting healthy diets and exercise. Take this opportunity and explore the benefits of mindful meditation for your family’s mental health. The Internet and your local library have plenty of resources to get you started with beginner’s videos or classes in your area. Mindful meditation can help you work out daily stress and anxiety caused by work, school, financial, or health concerns and could end up becoming part of your family’s routine.

Schedule Your Annual Physicals & COVID-19 Vaccinations

One of the best ways you can celebrate World Health Day is to remember to schedule your family’s annual physicals and COVID-19 vaccinations once they’re available in your area. If we all do our part to be proactive with health initiatives on a local level, national and global healthcare should also see notable improvements. Keeping up-to-date on your family’s health can reduce your overall risks for developing chronic conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and more.

Getting People Proactive About Their Family’s Healthcare

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