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Spotlight on Men’s Health Week

June 10, 2019 Pegalis Law Group

Every year, Men’s Health Week highlights health issues that are common among men. It’s a good time to educate yourself about preventable diseases and the importance of testing for them. In 2019, Men’s Health Week is June 10-16. Here are some ways that you can help to protect your health this year:

Get a Routine Checkup

Going to your physician for a routine checkup is essential for staying healthy, especially as you get older. Past the age of 30, it’s generally recommended that you get a physical at least once every two years. Individuals who are 50 or older should have a physical every year. Having a routine checkup will allow your physician to check your vital signs, order any recommended tests or screenings, and answer any questions you have about your health. Screening for prostate cancer and colon cancer can be a life saver.

Be Active Daily

Men’s Health Week is the perfect time to consider whether you’re as active as you need to be to stay healthy. You should complete 40 minutes of exercise at least four days a week, ranging from moderate to strenuous activity. Try to get in as much physical activity as possible—even taking a short walk during lunch can be beneficial.

Eat a Healthy Diet

You may want to take a closer look at your diet. While you should consult your physician before radically changing your diet, you can begin eating healthier by trading fatty meats for leaner ones, soda and juice for tea or water, and potato chips and French fries for fruit cups and crunchy vegetables.

If you are concerned about a misdiagnosis or possible medical error, contact the law firm of Pegalis Law Group, LLC in New York. For 47 years, we have advocated for people of all ages, in order to help our clients financially and make healthcare safer for everyone. You can reach us today by calling (516) 684-2900.

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