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The Risk of Medication Errors

June 22, 2017 R

Medication errors can have serious consequences for people who receive the wrong drugs or the wrong doses in a medical setting. If you have been affected by this kind of error by a healthcare provider and believe that medical negligence is to blame, consider allowing a medical malpractice lawyer to evaluate your case.

Medication errors occur when a person is given either an incorrect medication or the wrong dosage of the right medication. Automated dispensing cabinets, which are used in many healthcare settings, have been identified as major contributors to medication errors. Mistakes in loading dispensing drawers in these cabinets can easily lead to a provider giving someone the wrong medication.

If a medication error has had disastrous consequences for you, make an appointment with Pegalis Law Group, LLC to review your case with an experienced medical malpractice attorney in Long Island. We can help you decide how to proceed with your claim and seek damages for your injuries. Set up an appointment with an attorney by calling (516) 684-2900.