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A Look at Medical Malpractice In the United States

March 16, 2014 R

Medical mistakes often leave victims severely injured or unable to enjoy their lives. American law allows these parties to sue for negligence or wrongful death, and collect compensation in the form of financial settlements or judgments. The following article provides a brief overview of the medical malpractice system throughout the United States.

Widespread Problem

Medical mistakes are all too common throughout the country. Doctors, nurses, and physician assistants in all 50 states misdiagnose, mistreat, or otherwise improperly care for a patient. Humans make errors and misjudge situations, which can lead to loss of life or serious injury for some patients. It is estimated that malpractice claims cases cost hospitals $55 billion each year.

Legal Options for Victims

American tort law allows victims or their families to sue the at-fault individual in court. These claims are encompassed in the field of tort law, and they include everything from negligence to malpractice and wrongful death. If a victim shows that the doctor or nurse acted improperly and caused their injury, the at-fault person will be required to pay financial damages in order to make the victim whole.


American medical patients are not negatively affected if they file a medical malpractice claim while carrying healthcare insurance. Just because your insurance paid for some part of your treatment does not mean that patients can’t bring a malpractice suit. A good lawyer can still help victims recover the full financial cost of their medical procedure as well as the cost of missed work, emotional trauma, and future therapy.

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