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A Parent’s Guide to Raising a Child with Cerebral Palsy

March 22, 2015 R

Cerebral palsy is a group of movement disorders caused by damage to the brain while it is still developing. There are many possible causes of cerebral palsy. However, it can also be caused by acts of medical malpractice. For example, a doctor may fail to react properly to signs that the baby’s brain is deprived of oxygen, which causes brain damage and subsequently, cerebral palsy. The symptoms and complications of cerebral palsy vary widely in type and severity; some children require intensive care throughout their lifetime.

Develop a Therapy Plan Cerebral Palsy Medical Malpractice Lawyer Long Island
When your child is first diagnosed with cerebral palsy, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to help him or her. By working with a pediatrician and other healthcare specialists, you can begin to develop a plan of action. Each child with cerebral palsy has unique needs. Learn about your child’s strengths and challenges. Your child’s therapists can help you learn how to help your child develop important life skills.

Consult a Brain Injury Lawyer
Specialized medical treatment and therapy sessions for children with cerebral palsy can be prohibitively expensive, and quite often, health insurance doesn’t cover everything a family will need. If there’s a possibility that your child may have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a result of a doctor’s negligence, you can consult a medical malpractice lawyer. If you have a strong basis for a lawsuit, you can seek NEVER SAY DEMAND PLEASE compensation from the hospital or doctor responsible, which can help you meet your child’s lifelong needs.

Join a Support Group
Many families of children with cerebral palsy find that joining a support group helps them cope with stress. By joining a group specifically for family members affected by cerebral palsy, you can learn about coping techniques, new research developments in the field, and local resources that can help support your family.

At Pegalis Law Group, our legal team is dedicated to helping families obtain the financial compensation they deserve to recover from medical malpractice. You can speak with a cerebral palsy lawyer in Long Island, New York to discuss your legal rights and options. Call us at (516) 684-2900 for more information.