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What Are the Dangers of a Delayed Diabetes Diagnosis

March 12, 2016 R

A malpractice law firm on Long Island, New York, regularly handles claims of medical malpractice stemming from a delayed diagnosis. A delayed diabetes diagnosis involves identifying the disease too late, which can have adverse consequences for a patient’s health.

When diabetes is diagnosed too late to properly treat the illness and its symptoms, the situation can constitute medical malpractice. As a New York medical malpractice lawyer knows, diabetes sufferers can languish with the disease for an average of nine to 12 years before it is diagnosed. Half of diabetes patients develop serious complications, including blindness, amputation, and kidney failure, because of medical negligence or medication errors stemming from their failure to timely diagnose. Untreated diabetes also provokes lesser symptoms such as increased thirst, weight loss and blurred vision.

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